Cold Pressed CBD Oil

Organic Cold Pressed

Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil

 Full Spectrum Cold Pressed Organic Oil is completely free of trace toxins and solvents. We cold press our full spectrum hemp oil and naturally extract the Phyto-CannaBinoiDs without using harmful heat, chemicals or gases which alter and distort the plants natural elements reducing the beneficial response.

Apex Hemp Oil

We believe quality starts on the farm. We source from USDA Organic Hemp Farms  Apex is 100% USDA Organic CBD Oil. Everyone deserves to know where their food comes from. We track and trace all our ingredient's to its original source and provide tracking and tracing through out the entire process for our customers and manufacturers.  

Pure and Natural

  Apex Hemp Oil is truly 100% Cold Pressed certified USDA Organic. Others use cold pressed hempseed oil and mix it with solvents based extracted cannabinoids that have adulterated the molecule to a point its not fit for human consumption. Apex never uses harmful toxins or solvents, Gases or heat this keeps the integrity of the plant in tact through the extraction process.